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An Indie Odyssey in Peterborough

An Indie Odyssey in Peterborough

Publication date: 28th July, 2024

Growing up in Peterborough, voted the ‘worst place to live in England & the UK’, certainly had its challenges. But a love for Nick Cave’s band and a passion for indie music launched the author, Pete Elderkin, on a series of extraordinary events while following a dream to reach that holy grail for rock groups, a BBC Radio One John Peel session. Sugar, Gravy, Pleasure details the ups and downs of being in the wrong place and time while trying to DJ and run an exciting alternative music club in a what seemed a hostile, provincial environment.

This is a wry, self-depreciating memoir set over eleven years and telling the true story of The Sugar Club and how it, improbably, became one of the longest running nightclubs in the UK. It captures, with first-hand contributors, the fun experiences and social history of the unique 1990s and 2000s, when the grunge and Britpop scenes came from out of nowhere to the forefront of the UK music scene. 

 "I loved it. A beautiful, big-hearted book. Sugar, Gravy, Pleasure is a love letter to a lost time when music was at the centre of the universe."  Tony Parsons, journalist, broadcaster and author.

About the Author

About the Author

Pete Elderkin was born in Peterborough and moved to Auckland, New Zealand in 2002, where he works in the profit for purpose sector. He lives with his wife Jane and their boys Nate and Alfred.

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Thursday, 1 August

Get ready to celebrate the launch of the Sugar Club book. A book is included in the admission price. 6pm for a 6.30 pm start for one hour. The Met Lounge, Bridge Street, Peterborough, UK

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